RealityTech UK is one of Hampshire's oldest IT businesses tracing its roots back to the mid nineties and the explosion of personal computing. We started as an IT support business focused mainly on the Commodore Amiga brand, gradually moving to PCs in later years and more recently branching out into communications and telephony.

Electronics has always been in our blood and our very first job which was a control and command caravan for St John's Ambulance was completed in 1994! Since then we have looked at innovative ways to bring modern technology to bear on problems other can't or won't tackle.

Through to 2008 RealityTech existed as DSI Systems. The name originally coming from a company run BBS that helped bring the local computing community together long before use of the Internet was common. We spread our wings in this time and started up a business in Calgary Canada which still exists to this day.

In 2006 we opened our first retail premises in the UK. Although we had been trading for some time we had never ventured out to a retail presence. The presence was short lives, the landscape of the IT market was changing with the PC market slowing down and the retail space was being used more as office and storage so we moved to more suitable premises. In our time there we began to explore our roots in custom systems and electronics again. We launched a number of new products and services and started to work towards our own VOIP systems.

Shortly after we started to provide support for a number of private medical providers. Initially networking and comms, then moving on to event and vehicle support. Today this forms a huge part of what we do. In 2015 we attended The Great Dorset Steam Fair to provide secure communications for the medical team and the events side of the business took off.

We have gone from strength to strength over the last few years, we had doubled our staff numbers and moved into new offices by March 2019 and we have since doubled our numbers again. In November 2019 it was announced that we would be handling comms and networking for the Great Dorset Steam fair for 2019 and the foreseeable future. We now have and office and retail presence in the UK through a partnership with TRC LTD and an office in Canada. We operate a fleet of support vehicles for events and one emergency response unit with patient handling capability for dealing with situations involving front line EMS vehicles and disaster response situations. We have both medics and EMTs on staff and have access to Paramedics and Doctors if need be.

We believe the world we live in is important, as is the life on it. We are committing to reducing the footprints we leave behind and we will always respond and help wherever we can. We actively support our communities and none of us have a problem with diving in and getting our hands dirty.


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Richard Inskip
Owner & Lead Engineer
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Karl Mitton
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Louise Taylor
DBA and Systems Analyst
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Michael Mackenzie-Grieve
Canada Team Lead