We offer a wide range of services and some are covered below. We often see things from different vantage points so if you need something that we don't cover below drop us a line. If we can't help we probobly know someone that can.


We aren't just another IT company. Although we are well versed in all the day to day aspects of office IT we go a lot further. We specilaise in bespoke systems and interfacing with the outside world. Each member of staff has differing but overlapping skill sets so we can often bring a fresh view point. On top of this having experience in electronics down to component level allows us to spot things others have missed. Once we have a solution we have the contacts and resources to see the solution through to the end. How many other IT companies go down to PCB level? We are also happy outside the office, if your project needs to work in the middle of a feild or on a fast moving ambulance responding to an emergency, these are all situations we are familiar with.

Technical Design

With years of experience we can see any project through from concept to completion. Be it a database or an embedded system, we have the knowledge and the tools to go from a drawing, to protoype, through production to a finished product. With many systems of our out in some truly challenging environments from the Alaskan Winter, in the heart of a tornado or the front seat in a high speed crash we can solve most issues our customers are ever likely to come up with. Don't need hardware? Our software designers have worked on some of the most critical projects in UK business and are just as good at solving problems as the hardware team.

EMS Support

Several members of our staff have experience of working both on the front line and in dispatch and control along with being medically qualified. This gives us unique insights into the challenges in these roles. We use this experience in everything from getting a failed front line vehicle back up and running to software design and running event control. We have experience with all major wiring systems and warning devices along with many MDT systems and of course, our own range of systems. Our response vehicle is setup with dealing with every eventuality in mind, in an emergency blue light certified drivers, markings and warning systems mean that on the darkest, fastest road you'll be safe and seen while we get you going again. We also respond to disaster situations where we can have full communication up and running in minutes.


Yes, we do all the usual services, networking, computer setup, support, maintenance and planning. But we do so much more. We can install an entire office network right down to servers and cabling, but then we can securely link multiple sites, provide fine grained access control and administration. On top of this we can install CCTV and access control systems. Its all pretty much as you'd expect, well mostly... We are one of the few companies in the UK that can install and maintain VDSL and hybrid fibre/copper systems outside of the core telecoms providers. Have a big site you need networked, with industry partners we can install high speed fibe and/or the same technology that delivers broadband to most homes without resorting to wireless networking meaning better throughput, better reliability and better security. With VDSL2+ runs cable of covering many kilometers it doesn't matter how large your site is, we have it covered!

Event Support

Events are a very different environment to an office. All of a sudden your 100m of ethernet cable doesn't go far and your WiFi channels become congested. How do you keep the ticket machines running? How do you talk to your staff? How do I use these radios? All things we are well experienced in dealing with. From a small village show up to a 600 acre event there are ways we can help.