Well its been a manic few months and what a ride. Amongst the chos we had to bump our “scratch” host up to PHP7. This host is used for things that arent important in the scheme of things. This had two side effects:

  1. The Facebook plugin for WP had a meltdown over the upgrade knocking this site offline
  2. People actually noticed this, in fact a few people did, I didnt actually think anyone bothered with this much!

Running into event season as it were we HAD to sort out the main site first, then we simply ran out of time to sort out the extra bits on the scratch server. Its all gone quiet now and we have moved this sit to the main host as it IS getting traffic and does aparently provide a good resource, and all is well…ish!

This host can’t send email, well not of yet, that will get fixed in the next few days. So if you do tag any articles etc I won’t see them till I log in. Same with user accounts.

The PHP issue stil lives on, this is an older version of PHP, mainly as the old website needed it. The new one doesnt even use PHP yet so at some point it’ll get upgraded too, the hope is I can bump wordpress up a few versions to solve the compatibility problems, pull the FB plugin then upgrade the lot.

Moving on it’s good to see that this site IS getting hits and it is helping people out. That’s exactly why it exists. I do have a youtube channel ad although it’s VERY early days, you’ll find it here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDGHnpD1qx3flLZH4O-jlGA