This is more for the guys that I work with detailing what got done today…

The ESP based ‘motes’ are an arse to setup needing a serial console to do so. We’ve standardised on a WiFi setup for initial setup of most things so today was centres on making the motes manageable remotely.

A mote as it stands needs a hard coded SSID and PSK to use. This means the customer has to let us know these in advance and if they are going to change this the motes all need reprogramming. The upload settings, name, id etc all had to be hard coded at compile time, this is an immense ball ache

So as of today the motes will use a default SSID, PSK and server address on first power up. They will generate their own unique ID and then ateempt to connect to our service. The mote will be denied a connection however t he attempt is logged. The mote can then be enabled from our control panel, the ID, Name, SSID, PSK, Poll frequency, server address, server port can all be set from our control panel and updated on the next data push to the server from the mote.

This is all in preparation for the first ‘Swarm’ devices being deployed shortly and allows us to not only build our own, secure IOT cloud but unlike other services, allows us to support local servers.

New motes can be designed, built and be up and running in minutes rather than days.