Not just Computers

Its not just PCs here. In fact as time goes on the life expectancy of the PC market is getting shorter and shorter. When I started this lark after I left school we were an electronics and comms company and PCs were an afterthought (They wernt common either). As the market changes we’ve been going back to our roots and doing more and more custom kit, it helps differentiate us from all the other businesses in our sector and we get some interesting jobs.

In this case I had to design and build a 12V charger system to provide power for a Suction unit and Patient Monitor along with a standard car charger output. Simple job, simple solid contruction with as little to fail as possible. Thinking about it now I should have put a high output USB socket on there too but hey. Also we had to provide 240V to the Patient monitor and/or Infusion pumps, incubators or whatever. Also mounting them all and the suction unit and to finish fit a solid shelf for the Monitor which required making all manner of bracketry.

Its not just computers...
Its not just computers…

Happy with how it all came out really 🙂

Now, Given I’ve been pretty much out of circulation all week due to illness I have 9 Laptops to diagnose and fix tomorrow.

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