Test, test test and TEST

After doing some work and applying the PPP changes from previous posts I was rewarded with nice, rock solid PPP connectivity, excellent. I still neet to take timeouts down and work out another way of monitoring link quality but for all purposes it works.

However something that did work, posting tracking reports, now doesnt. One report is posted with the link establishment and then it all breaks. A look at logs shows that the tracker reconnection code has stopped working.

After a few tweaks and changes I really couldnt work out what was going on, then it hit me.

The PPP code fires off two events, LanDown and LanUp, these are used to decide if the GPS module should try and bring the link up again or if it should sit tight and wait. In wholesale re-writing the PPP control code I forgot to fire either event, DOH!

Always test, test, test and then test again when changing things that sit in a chain!

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